What About Now? – The Grand Gestures LP review

manic pop thrills review of THIRD by the grand gestures

Manic Pop Thrills


December is something of a graveyard slot for album releases. With many end of year lists already compiled (but, folks, what’s the obscene rush?) it’s easy for albums released in December to get lost in the pre-Christmas rush. Although ‘Third’ by the Grand Gestures, isn’t scheduled for release until the Friday before Christmas (19th) it’s a gem which definitely doesn’t deserve to be lost in translation..

‘Third’ follows the same template as its two predecessors – low key electronica courtesy of Spare Spare’s Jan Burnett, supplemented by a diverse range of vocal talents. This time around, as well as old stagers Jill O’Sullivan and Sanjeev Kohli, the record features a number of new contributors such as Grahame Skinner and Goldie Cameron.

For a band called the Grand Gestures, Jan Burnett’s multi-vocalist ensemble at times seem short of, well, grand gestures. Indeed, if anything, the music on the third album in…

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