I’ve Got Bugs On My Mind – Spare Snare Exclusive

Manic Pop Thrills

sparesnareA wee heads up about a just announced new, retrospective release from Spare Snare.

Snare main man Jan Burnett has compiled a three disc box set of the earliest Spare Snare demos including songs on the first three albums and the box is available to buy right now!

It’s called ‘Dundee Church For The Deaf – Curios and Versions’ and contains 44 unreleased recordings, which have all been transferred from 4 track cassettes over the past year.

The compilation will come in a DVD type case format, in an edition of 50, hand number stamped with inserts and the usual hand made Snare fare by Jan.

As a preview of the boxset, Jan has provided MPT with an demo version of perhaps the Snare’s best known song, ‘Bugs’. Scroll down a little and you’ll be able to listen to the song.

Whilst it plays you can read some of Jan’s recollections about…

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What’s So Different About Now? – The Grand Gestures remix album

Manic Pop Thrills


The Grand Gestures – Remixed (Chute Records)

I’ve always found remixes problematic. The idea of making something new from the original parts of a song has always seemed more interesting than the reality. In my experience, the number of remixes interesting in their own right is a small minority, never mind the handful that manage to surpass the original song.

So you can imagine that, whilst receiving a promo of the Grand Gestures ‘remixed’ album was nice, it was also … a little worrying.

Yet rather unexpectedly ‘Remixed’ is a worthy conclusion to the Grand Gestures saga. The key here is the varied and inventive approaches used on these 15 songs.

One approach is to speed things up such as on the Man Without Machines version of Grahame Skinner’s ‘Poster Boy’, yet equally Andrew Wasylyk’s Balearic mix of Gary Clark’s ‘The World Will Break Your Heart’ takes the opposite approach…

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